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Royal Enfield of Albany NY is an official dealer of Genuine Scooters. We carry many Genuine Scooters including: Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150, Hooligan 170i, Buddy Kick 125 , Buddy 125, Buddy 50 International, Buddy 50, Roughhouse R50.

2022 NIU NQi GT Pro – Black and Red – Electric Scooter

It’s an electric scooter that’s built for speed – you get up to 43 mph in Sport mode, which is tuned for maximum speed and performance. Switch to Dynamic for everyday use, and E-Save offers longer range and greater efficiency. Thanks to a specially tailored Bosch motor, there’s a continuous power output of up to 3,500w, giving you instantaneous acceleration from a standstill. Front and rear hydraulic shocks keep the ride smooth, and cruise control keeps it steady. The NQi GT Pro is equipped with two high-performance lithium-ion batteries that can be removed and charged at any time. The dual 60v 35aH battery packs are light and portable, while also providing the power for a range of over 80 miles – the longest in the NIU’s line. The Smart Dashboard displays different colors for different riding modes, speeds, and vehicle diagnostics to give you a clear picture of how your scooter is performing. The Cloud ECU’s powerful data capabilities let you check 17 different vehicle statuses like location, riding history, vehicle status, and power statistics in real-time on the mobile app. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service. The NIU NQi Sport comes with a two-year warranty. 

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Color:Black with Red Stripe

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