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Royal Enfield of Albany NY is an official dealer of Genuine Scooters. We carry many Genuine Scooters including: Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150, Hooligan 170i, Buddy Kick 125 , Buddy 125, Buddy 50 International, Buddy 50, Roughhouse R50.

2022 NIU MQi+ Sport – Black/Red

If gas prices have you thinking you’d be better off with a bicycle, have a look at this electric scooter. It’s got a bicycle’s maneuverability, but you don’t have to pedal. In fact, you can’t. It’s propelled by a powerful electric Bosch motor give you instant acceleration, running off a compact Panasonic 18650 lithium-ion battery removeable battery that allows you to charge your MQi+ Sport any time you have access to a power outlet. The scooter also includes a cruise control feature lets you take your hand off the throttle. An integrated LCD smart dashboard provides real-time information on your scooter’s health, collecting and analyzing over 200 different vehicle diagnostics every minute. And all of that information is one tap away on your NIU App, letting you check 17 different vehicle status reports like location, riding history, and power statistics. You also get access to vehicle diagnostics, anti-theft alerts, and after-sales service. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes engage instantly to reduce the braking distance, and the system recycles up to 6 percent of the braking energy back into the battery pack, effectively extending your 40-mile cruising range. And there’s a two-year warranty on both scooter and battery pack. MSRP is $1,999; tariff, freight, and surcharge are $959; and dealer prep is $295, giving an out-the-door price of $3,253. Buy a scooter from us now and we’ll give you free heated storage through March 31, 2023.

Try Click and Ride! Choose your bike; we’ll arrange financing, register it and deliver it to your door (there may be a small shipping charge, depending on your location). You don’t have to leave the house until the bike arrives and you ride out! Ask us about the many other scooters we offer. Call Ellis at 518-698-5515 for a test ride. (Price does not include DMV charges or sales tax.)



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