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2019 Rokon Trail-Breaker Hunter’s Edition 2x2

Your best hunting and fishing spots are only reached over rough terrain, and that’s why you need the Rokon Trail-Breaker. It’s a full-time two-wheel drive bike, a 2x2 that’s been used by the US Armed Forces, Forest Service, and countless big game hunters, trail builders, farmers, and ranchers. Its 31-inch width gets you through thicker forests, and its 14-inch ground clearance lets you climb over practically anything, including obstacles that four-wheel drive vehicles can’t touch. Hollow drum wheels provide floatation in mud, sand, or snow, or you can fill them with extra gas or water. Only a Rokon can get you up a 60 percent grade, and you can even cruise this machine through two feet of water. The three-speed transmission gives you flexible power ranges for climbing, towing, general trail riding – whatever you need from this machine. The bike is powered by a reliable Kohler engine with 208cc, 7 hp, with both electric and pull start. Hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power needed for steep terrain. Front and rear storage racks provide plenty of storage space for equipment. A rear seat allows you to safely carry a passenger. Add the tow bar kit and you can pull up to 2,000 pounds of big game, logs, or farm equipment. In fact, the optional side car or trailer make the Rokon a mini-truck. And, unlike four-wheel-drive vehicles, this bike is easy to transport. More than 60 different accessories are available, including sidecar, plow, disc harrow, gun boot, tactical carry case front and/or rear, trail maintenance kit, tow bar kit, cellphone holder, rear cargo rack, storage cover, kryptoflex lock, and windshield. It’s the world’s only true all-terrain vehicle, a one-of-a-kind vehicle proudly hand built in America. Optional available accessories are a handy Trail Maintenance Kit that includes a spark plug, spark plug wrench, air filter, fuel filter, tire repair kit, and much more, and a Tow Bar Kit. Freight and prep are not included in the price.


Color:Olive Drab with Camo Seats

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